DATA 606 - Statistics & Probability - Fall 2021


One Minute Papers

A “one minute paper” (Angelo & Cross, 1993) is a short written reflection to be completed after each class meetup. You are to answer two questions: 1) What was the most important thing you learned during this class? and 2) What important question remains unanswered for you? My goal is to give you a moment to reflect on the most important concepts presented were and to provide me with information about what concepts are still unclear. At the completion of each meetup (whether attended live or after watching the recording), complete this Google form.

Homework Presentation

You are responsible for presenting one practice homework problem during the semester. Please sign up as-soon-as possible as there are limited slots per week. Try to keep each presentation to five minutes or less. Sign-up on this Google Spreadsheet. You may present live during the Meetup or provide a prerecorded video. If you choose the latter, please provide the link in the Google Spreadsheet prior to the Meetup so I can include it in that weeks slide deck.


Please be an active participant in the Slack channel. In addition to being a good resource for asking and answer questions, I hope you begin to make connections with other students. Contribute at least one resource related to data science that you find and think would be useful to your fellow students. Please post it in the #resource channel.