DATA 606 - Statistics & Probability - Fall 2021

DATA 606 Statistics & Probability
Spring 2021


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Intro to Shiny

Shiny is an R package designed to create web based applications using the R programming language. This talk will introduce the basic framework for creating interactive Shiny applications including user inputs, dynamic plots and tables, reactive programming, and creating data dashboards.

Slides can be viewed here:

Recording of the talk:

Source code and resources are on Github here:

Getting Started with R

To get started with the labs, you will need to install R and other supporting applications. Links to download all the software is on the Software page which is also available on the Course Overview menu. Once you are in RStudio, you will need to install a number of R packages using the following two commands:

Welcome to DATA606!

Welcome to DATA606! Your instructors will be Dr. Jason Bryer and Dr. Angela Lui. Couple of important notes as you get started: The course syllabus located here: We will post all course materials there. Blackboard will be used primarily for submitting assignments. Please read the syllabus carefully! Send us any questions you may still have about the course. Complete this Google Form as soon as possible. We will use some of the data (in aggregate) in the meetup.

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